# ZeekDash

# Delivery processes

Here are the basic processes of ZeekDash delivery:

  1. Merchant creates delivery order.
  2. Partner accepts order.
  3. Partner proceeds to sender location.
  4. Partner collects the parcel.
  5. Delivering, partner proceeds to recipient location.
  6. Recipient signs for the parcel. Order is completed.

# Standard API flow

Realtime order:


Advanced order:


# Order status code

During delivery process, system will update status by status codes. Developer can receive the latest status update by PA-API-3.4 Order status callback. Here are the status codes.

Order status Description
9033 Pending publish
9034 Pending assignment
9035 Advanced order assigned
9005 About to pickup
9015 Delivery in progress
9021 Delivered
9025 Cancelled
9026 Cancelled (with charges)
9041 Returned
9044 Exception
8001 Another partner is assigned

# Box size code

Please input the following box size code in create order API:

Dimensions box_size_code
17 x 33 x 42cm XS
30 x 40 x 40cm S
50 x 50 x 50cm M
60 x 60 x 60cm L
Sum of height, width, length < 220cm And
The length of any one side < 170cm