# Authentication

# PA-API-1.1 Get access token

POST /oauth/token

API type Request API
Usage - Get access token.
- Please refer to Authentication

# Request

Name Type Mandatory Default Description Remarks
client_id string Y - App ID provided by Zeek team
client_secret string Y - App secret provided by Zeek team
grant_type string N "client_credentials" OAuth Grant Type Support "client_credentials" only.
scope string N "delivery" OAuth scope Support "delivery" only.


    "client_id": "xxxxxxx",
    "client_secret": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "grant_type": "client_credentials",
    "scope": "delivery"

# Response

Name Type Description Remarks
token_type string Token type Need to include in HTTP Authorization Header (Support Bearer only)
access_token string Access token
expires_in int TTL Unit: second
scope string Scope Support "delivery" only.


    "error" : 0,
    "data": {
        "token_type": "Bearer",
        "access_token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "expires_in": 86400,
        "scope": "delivery"