# Introduction

This is the technical specification of Zeek2Door Open API. Merchant the request delivery services and retrieve latest delivery status via API.

Befoore using Zeek2Door Open API, developer needs to obtain "AppId" and "AppSecret" from Zeek team. They will be used in API authentication. If you want to receive latest delivery status update, please provide the callback URL.

Only merchants who enrolled in monthly-payment plan can use Open API. Please contact our Sales for details.

# Environment

Developer can use the following environments for Zeek Open API integration:

# Sandbox environment

Developer can develop and test for API integration in Sandbox environment. We provide extra environment for the clients who need customized integration. Please contact Zeek team for this.

# Release environment

Release environment is used for production use.

# Integration procedures

Here are the steps for integration:

# 1. Preliminary discussion

Discussion between merchant and Zeek team for service model, pricing etc.

# 2. Provide information

Developer requires developer account in order to use Open API. Merchant needs to provide the data below for Sandbox and Release environments.

Data Description
Client system IP Zeek platform has IP access restriction. Therefore developer is required to provide the Client system IP for access grant.
Order status update callback URL The callback is a HTTP API used for receiving order status updates from Zeek platform. Please refer to 2D-API-1.9 Order status callback.

# 3. Obtain developer account

Developer will obtain developer account for each of Sandbox and Release environment. The account includes:

  • App ID
  • App secret

# 4. Development

Developer starts development work in Sandbox environment. Please refer to API endpoints for details.

# 5. Integration test

Integration test aims at testing the API calls between Client System and Zeek Platform. While development is completed, perform integration test in Sandbox environment.

# 6. Pilot test

Please contact Zeek team for pilot test arrangement.

# 7. Go live

When integration test and pilot test are passed, the service can go live!