# List of APIs

Please visit Specification for how to make API request.

API categories :

Category Description
Order API Order operations. For example, create, enquire, cancel order etc.
Time prediction API Time predictions throughout the delivery journey.
Merchant assignment API Assign merchant (store) before order is created, or checking whether the merchant supports delivery.

The list of APIs:

API number Name Category
API-3.2.4 Get supported merchants Merchant assignment API
API-3.1.4 Update merchant status Merchant assignment API
API-3.1.5 Update all merchants business buffer time Merchant assignment API
API-3.2.1 Check merchant is supported Merchant assignment API
API-3.3.3 Order estimation Order API
API-3.3.1 Create order Order API
API-3.3.2 Cancel order Order API
API-3.4.1 Get order details Order API
API-3.4.4 Get order details by user phone number Order API
API-3.9.1 Order status update callback Order API
API-3.5.1 Partner location Order API
API-3.5.2 Partner location path Order API
API-3.2.2 Predicted quote time Time prediction API
API-3.2.3 Predicted accept time Time prediction API
API-3.4.2 Predicted showup time Time prediction API
API-3.4.3 Predicted delivery time Time prediction API